Hidden Talents


Promises by Susan A. Perkins

Did you know that blind people watch TV? They listen to the radio just as sighted people do. And they watch TV. That is because the verb associated to TV is watch. I know this because my roommate in college for three semesters was a blind girl.

I learned a lot of interesting things during those three semesters. One of which was writing Braille. brailleSeriously, how would you leave a note for a blind roommate before cell phones? I would Braille a small card telling her my whereabouts and a return time and Scotch tape it to the door knob to our room.

There were three of us taking Greek together (yes, Jeanie took Greek). We would often take notes in Braille. I often thought this would make Dr. Boswell nuts. The way Jeanie was able to take Greek was that the people who transcribed her text books into Brailleā€¦

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